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How to Perfect Your Spring-Summer Detox 

Detox, detox, detox.  

Detoxing has become quite the fad, both online and in the health community. Many of us think that we need to be on a plethora of detox supplements or laxatives and that we need to be doing long hours (sometimes days) of fasting in order to do it ‚Äúproperly‚ÄĚ and to ‚Äúcleanse‚ÄĚ our systems completely of all waste and toxins.¬†¬†

But here’s the reality of it: Yes, those things may help accelerate the process. Yes, they may help in the short term. But that is not all of what a detox is, and it is important to note they’re not always the safest either, especially not for long periods of time. As a naturopathic doctor, I would highly advise doing these under direct supervision of your health care  provider.  

What’s a Detox? 

A true detox involves supporting our essential detox organs, which are our:  

These organs help to eliminate toxins, waste, and hormones (and hormone byproducts, called metabolites) from the body. They help filter out the ‚Äúgood‚ÄĚ from the ‚Äúnot so good.‚ÄĚ However, these organs can become ‚Äúsluggish‚ÄĚ or¬† backed up (i.e. not functioning optimally) when there is a large toxic load, which can be due to poor lifestyle choices or high environmental exposures.¬†¬†

Common signs and symptoms of your detox organs not functioning optimally include:  

      • Fatigue¬†¬†
      • Water retention or swelling¬†¬†
      • Bloating¬†¬†
      • Digestive upset¬†¬†
      • Constipation¬†¬†
      • Chronic cough¬†¬†
      • Getting sick frequently¬†¬†
      • Excess congestion
      • Allergies and sensitivities
      • Skin concerns¬†¬†
      • Increased acne or breakouts¬†¬†
      • Increased pain or inflammation¬†¬†
      • Brain fog¬†¬†
      • Weight loss or gain¬†¬†
      • Hormonal concerns, etc.¬†

Many of us may experience one or more of the above symptoms. Note that we can easily support these detox organs in our day-to-day life through nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, and with botanical medicine as well.  

Top Tips for Supporting Detoxification

The top 7 things to remember when doing your yearly detox:  

      1. Drink enough water! This can be up to 2-3 litres, depending on the individual.  
      2. Increase your vegetable and whole foods intake. Reduce processed foods!
      3. Increase protein and healthy fats.  Swap out for more plant-proteins, olive oil, and avocado oil.
      4. Eliminate alcohol, smoking, sugar, caffeine, and coffee.  
      5. Increase exercise, and encourage daily sweating – whether with movement or a sauna.
      6. Prioritize sleep, and ensure you are getting at least 7‚Äď8 hours of well rested sleep everyday.¬†
      7. Manage your stress ‚ÄĒ do something that helps you relax everyday!¬†¬†

These are the foundations of health, and are essential to maintaining a healthy body, and supporting our detoxification systems. The reality is, if we do not optimize our food, our movement, our sleep and our stress, no amount of detoxing or products from the health food store will do us any good. If anything, the effects will be short-lived, and you will be back to feeling unwell soon after.

We are what we consume, and this applies to our food and what we ingest, but also to what we consume socially, from the media, from our relationships and from any such negativity or toxicity in our  lives too.  

I encourage you to be mindful and try the tips above. Notice how you feel after doing so for 1‚Äď2 weeks, and the impact it has had on your daily life and functioning.

If you have any other questions on how to support your body or health via naturopathic medicine or botanical medicine, feel free to  book a free 15 minute discovery call with me.  

Let‚Äôs work to restore your health in all aspects ‚ÄĒ mentally, emotionally and physically!¬†

Wishing you all nothing but good health and positive energy.