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Pediatric Physiotherapy: Never Too Soon to Start

Are you concerned that your baby might be delayed in their movement development? Worried that they might not be rolling, sitting, crawling, or walking yet? Are you worried that the way your baby is moving doesn’t look right? Do they only roll to one side, are they sitting slumped forward or W-sitting, are they crawling abnormally or walking only on their tip-toes? This article is all about how pediatric physiotherapy can help, and when you should get started.

developmental milestones of infants and children in pediatric physiotherapy
Source: Pulsenotes

Comparing your baby to their peers, checking in with your doctor or pediatrician, or completing published developmental milestone checklists are all helpful strategies to get a reading on how your baby is doing with their motor development. 

Still, you may be left feeling worried that your baby is slower to develop their movement milestones or you may be wondering if they’re moving normally. In these cases, parents like you often feel like they have no direction on how to help them. What’s more, there’s the added pressure to have your baby walking by the time they start daycare.

What is pediatric physiotherapy?

Pediatric physiotherapy can help you understand your child’s movement development and help your child reach their movement milestones. You don’t need a doctor’s referral to work with a pediatric physiotherapist, and the sooner you start, the better for your child’s development.

The earlier, the better

Movement is not pre-programmed into your baby’s brain. It won’t just turn on once your child reaches a certain age. Movement is a response to your baby being hungry and curious — they may see or hear something interesting, they may want to grab or explore something, they may feel the push of gravity or the surface below them, they may feel off-balance and want to right themselves, and they may want to engage socially.

There are so many systems that need to integrate well in order to result in normal movement development. The earlier your pediatric physiotherapist can identify the systems that may be impacting your child’s movement development, the earlier movement delays and abnormal movement patterns can be prevented. 

How does pediatric physiotherapy help?

By doing a movement screening, your pediatric physiotherapist will: 

    1. Assess for abnormal movement patterns that could lead to developmental delays
    2. Assess for existing movement delays
    3. Assess for deficits other systems that affect movement, including:
        • muscle tension
        • muscle weakness
        • balance difficulties
        • coordination difficulties
        • sensory difficulties
        • movement asymmetries
        • weak core strength or activation
        • poor body awareness
        • delayed protective and equilibrium reactions
        • hyper- or hyposensitivity to touch or pressure 
        • hyper- or hyposensitivity to movement
        • high or low muscle tone

Once it’s clear which factors are contributing to your child’s abnormal or delayed movement, your pediatric physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan to make sure that all of your child’s systems are working together to develop normal and age-appropriate movement.

During pediatric physiotherapy sessions, your child will have in-office treatment sessions until they meet their movement milestones.

Parent education is key to following through and continuing the benefits of in-office treatment. You will also be well-equipped with exercises and strategies to help with your child’s normal movement development in their home environment.

Long-term benefits of pediatric physiotherapy

The benefits of pediatric physiotherapy are both immediate and long-term. Not only will you see immediate benefits in your child’s movement development, but early intervention means that you can prevent further delays in movement development.

Pediatric physiotherapists recommend early intervention to improve your child’s confidence as they move through their environment. With better integrated systems, your child’s movement will be better coordinated and have improved balance. Improved movement for your child also means they will have better interactions with their environment and peers.

Remember, the earlier the interventions, the sooner you and your child can see the benefits.

If you’re ready to get started, our pediatric physiotherapist at Wildflower Health & Wellness is currently accepting patients in the Bolton, Caledon, and Peel regions.

Wildflower Health and Wellness When Being Fine Isn't Enough

When Being “Fine” Isn’t Good Enough 

Meet patient T, who recently shared this with me:

“I know my doctor, friends, family all tell me I look fine, but I don’t feel fine on the inside. Something feels off and my GP doesn’t seem to have answers for me anymore.”

Patient T is your parent, your sibling, your friend, you, me. Patient T is all of us.

Imagine a doctor’s visit where your appointment time is respected and while you wait you enjoy something to drink in a comfortable space. Your appointment is long enough to discuss your health concerns and you aren’t rushed out of the room before you have finished speaking.  Your treatment plan is explained to you in a way that allows you to understand your body. 

[bt_highlight]This approach to health is exactly what naturopathic medicine takes.[/bt_highlight]



At Wildflower Health & Wellness, there are a few guiding principles that allow us to make the best decisions possible for your health goals. 

Finding the best version of you

No two bodies are the same and therefore, no two people are treated the same. While certain conditions will have typical recommendations based on science and traditional knowledge, the combination of those medicines will be unique to your needs and preferences. Your one-of-a-kind body will respond differently based on your genetics, physiology, emotional health and lifestyle factors. Trust that we will ask the right questions when it comes to helping you discover your best health. 




A ‘less is more’ approach

We believe that health doesn’t come from the quantity of pills you take, but rather the small, simple, sustainable life habits that keep your body/mind well. Health works best when it’s simple for you to commit to – day in and day out. You will not find us selling unnecessary supplements or services because we believe in the tools we use to work on the people we recommend them for. 


We know seeing a new doctor can be exciting and a little scary; we closely work with you during the crucial first steps in your journey so that you never leave our office overwhelmed. As your health continues to improve, our check-ins will become less frequent. Don’t forget to come by and say hello while you’re out there living your absolutely best life! Once we’ve hit your goal, trust that you will be maintaining those results for the years to come.


Making the time for you

Your health is important to us and we take the time to deep dive into your current health concerns, your past medical history and what your best health would look/feel like. Your appointment time reflects the efforts we take in exploring your symptom presentation, assessments, laying out the course of treatment and an explanation of what’s working and what isn’t. You will soon find that your burning questions are answered and you are equipped with the tools in developing your best health. 


Looking long term

You might find us asking questions that don’t quite make sense to you, however, our approach to health is comprehensive. Even though you may be in the office for a particular concern, we feel that it is our job to ensure that we check in on all aspects of health, not just one body system. Naturally, we want to help you with your pressing health concerns but also your long term health. Why wait until you have a disease if we can see the early signs and symptoms either on your blood work or through physical exams. Your current health goals will be taken care of, as well as, your future health.


The best of both worlds

You don’t have to choose between seeing a naturopath and your family doctor. We believe in a collaborative approach to health. Oftentimes the best clinical outcomes occur when you have multiple eyes on your case where each practitioner views your health from a different perspective. Your family doctor ensures that your health is up to par, while your naturopath will ensure that your future health is being protected and provides you with the most effective natural solutions. We work easily with family doctors and specialists for the benefit of your health and peace of mind.


You have a seat at the table

While we are the experts of health, you are the expert of your body. Everyone has different levels of commitment to their health and we recognize the importance of acknowledging that. During your time with us we will give you our best professional advice based on current evidence and your past experiences. Our treatment plans are flexible to suit your needs and preferences. You may like working more with a diet & lifestyle approach or you may prefer a supplemental approach or maybe even a combination. The bottom line is that you get to make an informed decision on the options that best fit your lifestyle. Our job is to give you professional advice and you do the heavy lifting when it comes to follow through, as such, you deserve an opinion in your treatment plan. 

[bt_highlight]Have a seat at our table, and let’s talk about how we can create a plan for your life-long wellness.[/bt_highlight]

If accepting the phrase “you’re fine” isn’t good enough then you should consider the naturopathic approach to health. If our values on health resonates with you, then we’d be honoured to help you with your health concerns.

Call us at your convenience at (905) 951 7134. We’ll be glad to hear from you! 

You can book a complimentary “discovery consult” visit by calling the clinic or booking online. You’ll be able to ask questions, find out how we can help, and see if there’s a comfortable fit with your naturopath.