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Energetic healing

What is reiki?

Reiki, an ancient Japanese form of energy healing, revolves around the idea of harmonizing the body’s life energy. The term “Reiki” is derived from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” which refers to life energy. The practice of energy medicine aims to dissolve energy blockages and promote the free flow of this life force within the body. Central to Reiki is the balancing and healing of the seven chakras, which are essential energy centers. A Reiki practitioner utilizes a gentle technique of positioning her hands just above the client’s body, aiming to promote a healthy and balanced flow of energy.

Chakra balancing is a process that aligns these vital energy centers in the body. There are seven main chakras:

    1. Crown Chakra
    2. Third Eye Chakra
    3. Throat Chakra
    4. Heart Chakra
    5. Solar Plexus Chakra
    6. Sacral Chakra
    7. Root Chakra

Each chakra is associated with specific areas of the body. Any disruptions or blockages in this energy flow can lead to negative emotions or physical discomfort. For instance, the Heart Chakra is closely tied to healing, love, forgiveness, and acceptance. When this chakra is blocked, it may result in a lack of self-love or feelings of despair.

Stress Reduction: Reiki helps to calm the mind and body, reducing stress and promoting a sense of peace and relaxation.

Pain Relief: It can aid in reducing pain and discomfort by easing tension in the body and supporting the healing process.

Improved Sleep: Reiki can lead to better sleep patterns and quality, which is vital for overall well-being.

Enhanced Well-Being: Many people experience a boost in their emotional and mental well-being after Reiki sessions, feeling more balanced and positive.

Increased Energy: It revitalizes the body's energy levels, leaving you feeling more energetic and rejuvenated.

Emotional Healing: Reiki can assist in releasing emotional blockages and promoting emotional healing.

Strengthened Immune System: Regular Reiki sessions can support the immune system, helping the body to stay healthier.

Spiritual Growth: For some, Reiki provides a pathway to spiritual growth and self-awareness.

Keep in mind that Reiki is a complementary therapy and doesn't replace medical treatment. It works alongside conventional medicine to enhance well-being.

Initial Visit

Step 1: Start your energy healing journey by filling out an Energy Healing Consent Form and sharing any concerns you may have. Feel free to discuss these with our practitioner before the session begins.

Step 2: Our experienced practitioner will guide you through the Reiki process and inform you about what to expect during your session. They will create a safe and supportive environment for your healing experience.

Please Note: The energy healing session itself typically lasts up to 25 minutes, followed by a 10-minute intuitive assessment by the practitioner. During this assessment, the practitioner may identify and discuss trapped emotions that could have been stored in your body since childhood or any other period. These emotions may belong to the past or present, and the assessment is open to your interpretation. The total duration of your initial visit can take up to 60 minutes.

Subsequent Appointments

As you continue your energy healing journey with us, you will likely notice positive changes in your energy field. With each visit, sessions can become shorter as your energy feels lighter and blockages reduce.

Follow-up appointments typically take 30-40 minutes.

To fully benefit from the energy healing process, we recommend scheduling follow-up treatments 1-2 weeks after each session. However, you are welcome to book further treatments as desired, tailoring your healing journey according to your needs and preferences.

We are committed to providing you with a supportive and transformative energy healing experience.