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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Supporting movement and function with targeted physiotherapy

What is pelvic health physiotherapy?

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy addresses any injury to or dysfunction of our pelvic floor muscles.

What are pelvic floor muscles?

The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles found along the base of our pelvis that create the foundation of our trunk and core. They also support our urinary function, bowel function, and sexual function. Pelvic floor muscles are also connected to our breathing, our resting state, and emotions.


The benefits of pelvic health physiotherapy include:
  • Helps with urinary leakage
  • Alleviates pain during intercourse
  • Aids bladder and bowel function
  • Improves symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse
  • Alleviates low back pain and pelvic pain
  • Helps tailbone pain
  • Improves connection to and strength of all core muscles
  • Prepares the pelvic floor for labour and delivery
  • Aids in postpartum recovery (including scar healing)

A pelvic health physiotherapist does a full history and physical assessment to piece together the factors that are contributing to your symptoms. The history will give a clear picture of what your symptoms are and which systems are affected.

The physical assessment will look at all the surrounding factors that impact how your pelvic floor works: from breathing, posture, movement patterns, to core and hip muscle strength and conditioning. It will also include an internal evaluation (based on your consent) to assess the specific function and mobility of your pelvic floor muscles including: pelvic floor muscle strength, tension levels (under-active/hypotonic muscles or over-active/hypertonic muscles), quality of contraction and relaxation, scar tissue restrictions and fascial restrictions. This will enable the physiotherapist to develop a treatment plan with specific mobility and strengthening treatments and exercises to improve your pelvic floor function and relieve your symptoms.