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Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Rupa Salwan, ND

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Niki Vlachou, RHN

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Amit Dureja, MOMSc

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Rupa Salwan, ND

Clinic Director

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Naturopathic doctors use a whole-body and individualistic approach to treating the root cause of disease. Naturopathic doctors may use conventional and functional assessments and testing to determine the treatment that works best for you.

Hi, I’m Rupa!

I believe we all deserve to live a life fulfilled. A meaningful life that you can cherish and continue for years to come. There are a lot of obstacles that can make us physically tired and spiritually drained, one being our health. But I truly believe that simple and effective medicines have the greatest potential to transform our health.

I am interested in getting to know you and what you want out of life. I believe in meeting you on common ground and working together to solve your health problems. I take a minimalistic approach to any health changes because I want to help you make real improvements and take charge of your health. I don’t believe in making you a professional vitamin-taker because health isn’t at the bottom of a bottle.

You can trust that I will ask the tough questions because those are the barriers that keep us from achieving our full potential. It’s only once we ask the hard questions that we achieve healing in our bodies, minds and hearts.

We all want to live healthier and happier lives, so let’s do it!

Things I love

Food (need I say more), good books, warm drinks, amazing friends, travelling, getting dressed up, staying in my pjs, the honest truth, hiking, crisp apples and waking up to a shining sun.

Professional Profile

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Rupa Salwan is a health advocate and naturopathic doctor. She uses a research-backed approach to health, along with knowledge of traditional practices. With the foundational base of research and traditional knowledge Rupa creates personally tailored treatment plans for each patient. As a clinician Rupa has a special interest in brain health (mental health), geriatrics and endocrinology (hormone health).

Rupa received her training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, Canada. While pursuing her dream career she completed clinical internships at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic, Brampton Naturopathic Teaching Clinic and the Holistic Healing Arts Centre in Brantford.

Prior to naturopathic medicine, Rupa studied at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where she graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree. She studied Life Sciences and had a special interest in biochemistry and nutritional studies.

Rupa has a passion for research, especially in regards to complementary alternative medicine. She is the co-author of a study conducted at CCNM which investigates the formulations of turmeric and its implications on adjunctive cancer treatment. Being involved in research along with practicing traditional medicine gives Rupa a definite advantage in offering the best of both worlds to her patients.

Contributions to research:

Champigny, Marc & Wl Sung, Wilson & Catana, Vasile & Salwan, Rupa & S Summers, Peter & Dudley, Susan & Provart, Nicholas & Cameron, Robin & Brian Golding, G & A Weretilnyk, Elizabeth. (2013). RNA-Seq effectively monitors gene expression in Eutrema salsugineum plants growing in an extreme natural habitat and in controlled growth cabinet conditions. BMC genomics. 14. 578. 10.1186/1471-2164-14-578.

Systematic Review of Curcumin in Cancer. CCNM *not yet published

Rupa was a part of building the Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA) at CCNM. The NMSA is an international student association dedicated to education and increased access to success as health advocates. She held a position as the Legislative Committee Chair because she is passionate about moving the naturopathic profession forward.

Holistic Nutrition & Neuro Linguistic Programming

Niki Vlachou-Puzzo, RHN

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Holistic Nutrition is a natural approach to using modern science and time-tested wisdom based on the philosophy that each person has unique nutritional requirements. Holistic Nutrition focuses on a comprehensive view of the individual through health history, emotional state, lifestyle habits and diet to help find the root cause of the individuals’ health problems. Most importantly, Holistic Nutrition aims to encourage self-responsibility by empowering clients through personalized education and information.

Meet Niki

Niki Vlachou-Puzzo is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) who brings holistic health into every lifestyle. As a RHN, Niki works with her clients to find more than just a diet to achieve health. Before becoming the founder of Niki Holistics, Niki’s previous career led her to seeking health amongst a hectic and highly demanding lifestyle. Her unique journey into her holistic health career allows Niki to understand the obstacles that individuals may face when looking to become well.  Niki’s unique training and experience allows her to approach each individual case with evidence-informed solutions, tailored to her client’s highest potentials.

It takes a village to achieve and maintain health. Niki is passionate about her role in an integrative healthcare model, where she works with integrative and conventional healthcare practitioners for her clients’ benefit. In addition to post-graduate training at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Niki also holds extra training as a Orthomolecular Healthcare Practitioner (certification pending) and in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

What is fundamental to Niki’s approach is that the mind and the body cannot be separated. Niki’s practice focuses on nourishing the whole person to achieve health goals that are both seen and unseen. Niki works with individuals who suffer with digestive concerns to achieve proper nutrition and function through diet, lifestyle, and evidence-based microbiotic approaches.

Niki’s Mission:

“My mission is simple: I am making my “mess my message” and sharing in my process to help you find the answers, to empower you in your health and more importantly: to support you in your journey in making change, which can be scary for some, but you don’t have to do it alone.  I am here to help you restore to health, to get you back on your feet with the right integration of food, supplements and lifestyle changes. Every action we take to strengthen our bodies should also increase our overall health and enjoyment of life.  There is no one size fits all!”

Manual Osteopathic Practitioner

Amit Dureja, MOMSc

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Osteopathic Manual Therapy is an integrative health therapy taking into consideration all the systems in the body.Gentle and effective manual treatments are used to explore the body’s ability to self heal and self regulate.

Meet Amit

Amit’s initial interest in osteopathy developed through his own experience with injuries from the gym, and the benefits he gained through osteopathy.  After experiencing the overall health benefits attained from osteopathy for himself and his family through its holistic approach, he was immersed and fascinated by this timeless art and science.  

Amit is a proud graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, a school which teaches Classical Osteopathy in a rigorous 4-year program.

Osteopathic Manual Therapy is an integrative health therapy taking into consideration all the systems in the body. Amit uses gentle and effective manual treatments to explore the body’s ability to self heal and self regulate. His treatments works to promote and help patients sustain a healthy lifestyle. His philosophy and practice deals with the root cause of the health concern not just the symptoms. He works very closely with the patient and uses the principles of Classical Osteopathy to realign and rebalance the body so that it can perform its optimal function.

Ayurvedic Head Massage and Reflexology

Sonia Gupta

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